Lovely blooms can lift your mood, spiff up spaces, and bring pleasure to anyone who looks upon them. Having a fabulous floral arrangement makes many people feel more at home because it gives a sense of contentment and delight.

However, picking out the same flowers and arrangements can get quite dull over time. There are times when you want to think up unique ideas but just don’t have the time or energy to do it.

The great news is that flower styles are ever-changing, which is a good thing! It keeps your decor ideas as fresh as the flowers you love.

So if you’re getting tired of choosing the same old set of blooms for your home, office, or events, these trendy bouquets are sure to catch your eye and enhance any space into an inspired new look!

If you’re hoping to learn more from a formal course or get certified as an expert on everything related to flowers, we highly recommend looking into professional bodies and colleges in floristry such as the American Institute of Floral Designers of the AIFD (, the Society of American Florists (, the American Floral Endowment ( and other similar organizations which offer programs that specialize in floristry.

Unique Additions

Dried Flowers

Traditional flower aficionados might be skeptical of dried flowers, but there’s no denying how popular they’ve been recently. Their rustic and enchanting look can make any arrangement stand out from the rest. There are even bouquets made up entirely of dried flowers for anyone who wants a low-maintenance but beautiful bouquet. Roses, pansies, sunflowers, baby’s breath, strawflowers, and hydrangeas are known to make gorgeous dried flowers.

Herbs and Foliage

Greens make a bouquet look more natural and textured, while emphasizing its vibrant colors. Herbs like rosemary, sage, mint, and thyme aren’t only for cooking anymore– they also offer both flourish and fragrance to any arrangement. Their robust scents bring out the soft and perfumed aroma of flowers. Foliage, on the other hand, provides color and depth to bouquets, whether they’re tall and thin ferns, rounded eucalyptus leaves, sharp grass, long and serene palm leaves, or even branches from blossoming trees.

Popular Themes

Minimalist Style

Today’s style fads are all about polished and effortless elegance. Floral arrangements have caught on to this fad, making the most use of a single flower type and a few meticulously selected leaves or branches that render a gorgeous modern look. Minimalist bouquets are the best choice for anyone with refined or exquisite taste.

Heavenly Aromas

Scent is not just a second thought to floral arrangements. It fills homes and spaces with pleasant fragrances that give off a sense of calm, warmth, and peace. It’s also known to ease sadness and worries, which makes this type of floral arrangement perfect for offices or stress-inducing environments. Blooms with this quality usually include lavenders, lilacs, gardenias, hyacinths, and wisterias.

Vintage Inspiration

If dramatic flair is more of your style, vintage arrangements are the way to go. They create a vibrant, dreamlike mood that takes you back to the bygone days. It also gives any room a sense of classic elegance. Carnations, tulips, orchids, snowberries, and viburnums have this particularly attractive quality.

Color Palettes


As with the minimalist style, picking just one color for a floral arrangement creates a simple but lovely arrangement. Having blossoms of various kinds but with one color creates a simple yet compelling look. They also emphasize the color of decor and furniture for a harmonious and visually pleasing palette.

Bold Poppin’ Colors

This popular fad is all about joy and vibrance. Most arrangements are reminiscent of ’70s psychedelics, so they brighten up any room with a flashy, vivid feel that instantly energizes and reinvigorates. These are particularly perfect for themed or joyous occasions. Violets, yellows, magentas, reds, and oranges are the go-to colors that pop out and make a statement.

Soft Neutral Hues

For those who like a more low-key, natural style, warm neutrals are also gaining appeal. They have a stunning appeal with calm, earthy shades that remind us of the beauty and serenity of nature. Its muted tones also enhance a lot of decor, so you won’t have to worry too much about clashing palettes. Simple hues like whites, pinks, and soft yellows, together with green foliage, make subtly luxurious bouquets.

Creative Vases


Rustic is undoubtedly in. Setting bouquets in wood vases or even bowls is a simple but interesting way to make your arrangement much less stuffy and more down-to-earth. They’re excellent for daisies, sunflowers, dahlias, and wildflowers. They also don’t break as easily as glass vases, which is just an added perk to their wonderfully modest look.

Repurposed Home Materials

It’s becoming much more important to be environmentally conscious, so why not get clever with your flower vases? Mason jars, baskets, pitchers, teapots, and old tins can be adorable and even chic alternatives to store-bought vases. This will definitely reduce waste and get you working on a wonderful home project!

Flowers always remind us of growth and rejuvenation. These trends can help you go for a brand new look that goes well with your likings and style, but challenges your creativity. It’s the best way to greet the rest of the year with more zest and enthusiasm!

Photo by ika dam