Flower festivals are among the most dazzling and magnificent celebrations every country holds. Not only do they pay tribute to the captivating beauty of flowers and the glories of nature, they also recognize the vitality of the human spirit.

All our different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences are brought together by our adoration for the joy and amazement that flowers offer us!

In the previous installment of this two-part article, we took you through five of the world’s most spectacular flower festivals. Today, we’ll continue to explore more of these grand celebrations that showcase unique cultures and incredible artistry through the delightful sights of blooming flowers.

6. Bloemencorso Zundert (“Zundert Flower Parade”)
Zundert, Netherlands

With floats of gigantic proportions sculpted into animals, characters in pop culture, Bloemencorso Zundert brings the fun and zest of flowers to life every year! Each float features amazing, almost cartoonish works of art all the way up to nine meters, created with such incredibly intricate details that it’s hard to believe that they’re made almost entirely of Zundert’s beautiful dahlias. Volunteers ensure this level of excellence by committing year-long preparations to produce the most impressive floats, hoping to win the title of best float in the yearly competition.

The program is offset by music theater acts on the street for everyone’s entertainment, after which the much-awaited floats parade down the roads. Cars and boats join the parade as well, covered completely in loud, vibrant blooms. After the parade and announcement of winners, the celebrated floats are displayed in an open exhibit for all to see and admire in full detail.

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7. National Cherry Blossom Festival
Washington DC, USA

This three-week festival marks the beginning of spring in Washington, where more than three thousand cherry blossom trees unfold into full bloom. The scenery of soft pinks and stark whites is more than enough to captivate anyone’s eyes and fill them with a renewed sense of adoration for nature.

Along with the marvelous scenery of pink blossoms, the festival also holds several cultural programs that pay tribute to the festival’s roots signifying the friendship between Japan and the United States. The opening ceremony, in particular, features both traditional and modern performances from Japanese and American artists. Throughout the three-week duration, there are also parties with good food and drinks, art exhibits, kite festivals, and other thrilling events. 

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8. Genzano Infiorata (“Genzano Flower Festival”)
Genzano di Roma, Rome

More than a flower festival, the Genzano Inforiata is a time-honored tradition that has lasted for more than two centuries! Tourists from all over the world gather yearly to see the almost otherworldly splendor of the festival’s floral carpets, crafted to perfection by world-renowned artists. Themes of the artworks vary yearly, but they typically take inspiration from famous paintings, particularly religious art since the festival is followed by a religious procession.

Creating the floral carpets is a difficult process: volunteers pick over 300,000 flowers, organize and store them by color. When the festival date approaches, artists start to outline their themed designs on the pavement, and the flowers are laid out accordingly just before the festival. This painstaking task takes about 2-3 days. The results, of course, are beyond incredible; the completed flower carpets are considered by many visitors as a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

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9. RHS Chelsea Flower Show
Chelsea, England

Held by the Royal Horticultural Society since 1912, this marvelous garden show remains one of the most famous flower shows and horticultural events worldwide. Hundreds of thousands of tourists and high-profile celebrities and elites, most notably the Royal Family, visit Chelsea yearly to see the artistic landscapes and show gardens. Filled with vibrant and perfumed florals, lush green plants and trees, as well as creative garden designs, this show is a paradise for horticultural enthusiasts.

Awards for the best flower, garden, vegetable, educational, and photography exhibits are awarded to celebrate the most excellent works of the year. Even the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton has participated in the prestigious competition. Along with garden exhibits, new breeds of plants are also launched by dedicated growers, inspiring beginner and veteran gardeners alike to discover and grow unique plants.

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10. Festa de Flor (“Flower Festival”)
Madeira, Portugal

Home to numerous flower species that bloom beautifully in their climate, Madeira flaunts its fragrant bountiful masses of florals thriving in springtime with its yearly festival. They celebrate the growth and renewal symbolized by colorful blossoms, as well as their unique cultural traditions.

The festival lasts for almost a month with so many sights to see and activities to enjoy, such as floral carpet displays, float parades, cultural performances, farmer’s markets, and concerts. One of the most popular and heartwarming highlights of the festival is the 30-year-old ‘Wall of Hope’ ceremony. Thousands of children gather to create a large mural filled with flowers, representing their wish for peace in our troubled world. At the end of the program, doves are released into the open skies, wrapping up the beautiful, moving experience.