We often associate popular stars with insanely extravagant lifestyles: constant parties, designer clothes, luxurious jewelry, exclusive jets and yachts, all with constant exposure to the limelight.

But as the saying goes, “Celebrities are just like us”. The rich and famous also enjoy their fair share of life’s simple joys, such as picking out choice blooms for a basic bouquet. You ‘d be stunned to know how many headliners love flowers as much as we do!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next arrangement or simply want to find out if you share the same preferences with a superstar, check out this list of celebrities and their favorite flowers.

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Katy Perry

This pop diva who rose to stardom with fun, catchy pop hits is actually a huge fan of fresh flowers. Her dressing rooms on tours and concerts are frequently decorated with her favorites: white and purple hydrangeas, along with white and pink peonies.

Peonies are known to symbolize power, success, and passion, while hydrangeas represent grace, prosperity, and candid emotions– characteristics that happen to strongly reflect Perry’s music and career. Their lush, thick blooms inspire beauty and creativity, much like this pop singer’s distinct musical and personal styles.

Audrey Hepburn

Classic, delicate beauty with strength of character– this describes both the timeless actress Audrey Hepburn and her beloved flower, the Lily of the valley. Hepburn was known to cherish these petite white blooms and even carried a bouquet of them at her wedding to Mel Ferrer. The bouquet was also displayed in one of her most well-known films, Funny Face (1957 ).

The lily of the valley blooms in spring with a subtly sweet scent, which is why it typically represents renewal, good fortune, and success. It is also recognized for its unique bell shape which is strongly believed to bring peace and good spirits. With its sweet yet striking elegance, it’s easy to understand why Hepburn cherished this flower: it mirrors her own graceful persona.

Scarlett Johanssen

Being in the public eye while undertaking emotionally exhausting roles is certainly a challenge for most performers. This is likely why actress Scarlett Johnasson has expressed her love for placing flowers around her house. She believes that they provide a sense of serenity and peacefulness for her, which might oftentimes prove hard to find in the hustle and bustle of show business.

Lilies, roses, and freesias are among her favorites. Much like the diverse characters Johansson has portrayed throughout her acting career, these flowers vary greatly in look and meaning. Lilies represent purity and rebirth, roses represent love and passion, and freesias represent innocence and trust. What they do share in common is having a fantastic perfumed fragrance which always captivates the senses, much like how Johansson’s presence on screen always ensures that film aficionados will have a great time watching her movies.

Princess Diana

Passionate and unyielding, Princess Diana is celebrated all over the world as an icon of humanitarian causes and charity work. She was also known to possess graceful charisma and manifest enduring strength even through the trying times of her life. To honor her memory, the Kensington Palace keeps a garden with a multitude of flowers which feature her favorites: forget-me-nots.

This charming flower’s name and meaning carry a particularly poignant sentiment following her unfortunate death. It’s a symbol of endless love that persists even after parting ways or passing on. It reminds us that cherishing the time and memories spent with loved ones means their legacy lives on, the way Princess Diana’s journey has inspired her children, her family, and so many people around the world.

Angelina Jolie

This acclaimed actress reportedly favors orchids– the flowers that represent luxury, devotion, and strength– as her blooms of choice. Like the orchid, Angelina Jolie has stunning features and exudes alluring charm. Beyond her looks, though, she is an accomplished actress and has found strength through physical illness and emotional turmoil. Like Jolie’s resilient personality, orchids are known for being difficult to grow, but when they do, they bloom into astonishing beauty.

They are also a popular gift for moms on special occasions, which is fitting since Jolie takes pride and joy in her six beautiful children. Of all her accomplishments, she considers motherhood to be the most precious to her heart.

Kim Kardashian

It’s rarely splashed across headlines, but Kim Kardashian has a surprising taste for flowers. The mega-famous reality star is known to enjoy floral fragrances, specifically that of jasmines and gardenias. In fact, she’s debuted her own line of fragrances which heavily feature their scents and in interviews, she says it’s because she mostly associates them with love and happiness.

Both jasmines and gardenias have a flashy presence with their flouncy petals and powerful aromas. Like the popular Kardashian, these flamboyant flowers have a way of turning heads and keeping the limelight on them.

Marilyn Monroe

” Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, croons Marilyn Monroe in the 1953 smash hit film Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. But in her personal life, the blonde bombshell actually indulged in down-to-earth pleasures, such as tending to plants and being surrounded by flowers. She was said to treasure delphiniums and white roses in particular.

Delphiniums not only take people’s breath away with their dense blooms and rich hues, but they signify deep thoughts and feelings– which can also be said of Monroe, an enticing stunner with hidden depths. These flowers express openness to new things, striving for success, and prevailing in troubled times, all of which Monroe manifested both in her movie roles and private life.

Michael Jackson

In 2008, Lisa Marie Presley, Michael Jackson’s ex-wife, asked fans to bring a “sun shower” to the King of Pop’s burial site. She had paid him a visit and observed that there weren’t a lot of bouquets and presents for the late singer, so she implored fans to give him the flowers that never failed to make him happy: sunflowers. Fans instantly took action and soon enough, his resting place was packed with thousands of flowers!

Sunflowers represent positivity, joy, and warmth. Their pleasantly bright look can make even the heaviest hearts feel light and full of good cheer, including Jackson’s. In fact, Presley said he called them “happy flowers”, because they always looked so joyful to him. Like the King of Pop and his heartwarming songs, sunflowers serve as a reminder that even when we face dark days, the sun will rise again tomorrow.


Photo by Arthur Rachbauer